Meeting Customer Demands for Automated Abrasive Wheel Blast Systems

engineer thinking about wheel blast automation

  In our space of producing world-class Abrasive Wheel Blast equipment everything begins with our customer…. Abrasive Wheel Blast Automation Explained While we may have our own thoughts and extensive capabilities on what automation is, it really depends on what our customer’s definition is.  From application, to part, to production targets, the open communication on …
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Thinking of Replacing a Blast Room? Why Not Automate?


Up until now, air blast rooms have long been the industry standard for abrasive blasting of large parts up to 10’ x 12’ simply due to the scalability offered when enclosing the human operator within the blast chamber. But at Gibson we like to ask, “What if there is a better way?” The answer is …
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Gibson’s New TB120 Table Blast System


Expedite cleaning, peening, deburring, profiling, finishing and many other surface conditioning tasks! Gibson’s new TB120 Table Blast System takes the operator out of the blast room. The system features a 120” diameter, 10,000 lb. capacity manganese steel turntable, a ¼” thick steel front swing door, and two 15” diameter 20 HP Direct Drive Blast Wheels. …
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Choosing The Right Wheel Blast Equipment

choosing the right wheel blast equipment

Does your application require shot peening, cleaning, deburring, deflashing, or just surface preparation? Brief definitions: Peening – To stress relieve or harden the surface of a part. Cleaning – Remove rust, scale or just a generally even look. Deflashing – Removing flash under 1” in size. Deburr – To roll the edge of a part, tame down a sharp …
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Wheel Blasting Stainless Fabrications

wheel blasting stainless steel

Wheel or Air Blasting Stainless Fabrications? Most stainless blast applications are done utilizing air blast delivery methods. Air blast could require an operator reaching into a blast cabinet or operating inside a blast room. The use of stainless shot or grit in a wheel blast system drastically cuts down on blast time, involvement from an …
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Product Feature – Wire Mesh Belt Blasters

wire mesh belt blasters

Wire Mesh Belt Blasters Gibson Wire Mesh Belt Blasters offer the ability to utilize a blasting machine in conjunction with another machine to automate a process reducing high labor costs normally associated with batch type blasters. They come in many belt widths beginning with our 12″ wide belt and are offered in larger widths. They …
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Product Feature – Pipe Blast Systems

pipe blast systems

Automated Pipe Blast Systems Gibson Abrasive Equipment designs and manufactures fully automated Pipe Machines for removing rust, mill scale and creating a surface profile for proper coating adhesion. Skew roll blast systems are designed to clean pipe or any other long and round material. The skew roll conveyor not only keeps round parts in place …
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Automated Shot Peening Solutions

gibson automated shot peening equipment

Shot peening involves the stress relieving or hardening of part surfaces to resist fatigue and prolong service life. Gibson’s Tumble Blasters and Dual Chamber Spinner Hangers process work-pieces through automated blast cycles, which ensures uniform blast coverage over surfaces. These versatile machines enable large batches of complex parts to be peened on all sides, especially …
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8 Quick Tips for Extending the Life of Your Gibson Blast System

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Purchasing a Gibson blast cleaning system can be significant investment, which is why regularly maintaining your system is a good idea. Regular maintenance will not only help the daily performance of the system but it will also prolong the life giving you many years of blast cleaning. Break the system down into (8) main components …
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