Wire Mesh Belt Blasters

  • Versatile, rugged systems that deliver consistent, repeatable results
  • Easy to install, simple to operate

Gibson Wire Mesh Belt Blasters offer the ability to utilize a blasting machine in conjunction with another machine to automate a process reducing high labor costs normally associated with batch type blasters. They come in many belt widths beginning with our 12″ wide belt and are offered in larger widths. They also come with multiple blast wheels and horse powers with a level of speed and efficiency unmatched by other equipment manufactures.

Gibson produces these flow through type units in many different sizes and configurations and can be customized to accommodate your blasting needs.

The operator or robot loads parts onto a manganese mesh belt while the blaster does the work, with no need for opening and closing doors. By flowing these parts within the blast envelope, these machines deliver consistent results automatically while working non-stop in a multi-shift production facility. May require an additional operator depending on how the process is organized.

These rugged machines can automate your process whether you are just cleaning or removing flash from die-cast parts this is a great option for automating and streamlining your shot blast process.

Versatile, rugged systems that deliver consistent, repeatable results
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