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The optimal shot-blast equipment solution starts with a discussion about your surface preparation requirements and a proposed processing method. As an original equipment manufacturer, we forge strong relationships with many premier companies. We offer short lead-times, unbiased processing recommendations and an experienced staff to assist in every phase from design to completed orders. For over 20 years, Gibson has been a trusted partner in the wheel blast equipment industry. Our 100% focus on shot-blasting solutions has made us very good at what we do.

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Does your application require shot peening, cleaning, deburring, deflashing, or just surface preparation? Brief definitions: Peening – To stress relieve or harden the surface of a part. Cleaning – Remove rust, scale or just a generally even look. Deflashing – Removing flash under 1” in size. Deburr – To roll the edge of a part, tame down a sharp …
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Wheel or Air Blasting Stainless Fabrications? Most stainless blast applications are done utilizing air blast delivery methods. Air blast could require an operator reaching into a blast cabinet or operating inside a blast room. The use of stainless shot or grit in a wheel blast system drastically cuts down on blast time, involvement from an …
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Wire Mesh Belt Blasters Gibson Wire Mesh Belt Blasters offer the ability to utilize a blasting machine in conjunction with another machine to automate a process reducing high labor costs normally associated with batch type blasters. They come in many belt widths beginning with our 12″ wide belt and are offered in larger widths. They …
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