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Gibson 2017 Recap and 2018 Preview

Gibson Abrasive Equipment had a solid year in 2017 with growth and changes to keep up with customer demand. The success continues for 2018 as many plans and programs are on-deck to keep the company advancing into the future. 2017 – A very good year Gibson is known for high-quality equipment and advanced processing capabilities. […]

Top 10 Blast Equipment Troubleshooting Tips with Solutions

#1 – Why is my cycle time longer than when it was new? Answers: It’s out of abrasive. The impeller is really worn, needs replaced. The blades really worn, needs replaced. The control cage opening is enlarged and is causing blast pattern changes, needs replaced. You changed the blast wheel motor and the rotation is […]

Gibson Parts & Equipment Sold to Empire Abrasive Equipment

On October 1st 2012 Charles and Gaylan Gibson retired and sold Gibson Parts & Equipment to Empire Abrasive Equipment Company in Langhorne, PA. The name of the company changed to Gibson Abrasive Equipment Company LLC and is currently managed by Geoff Gibson and his managerial staff. For over fifteen years, Gibson has been a trusted […]