Introducing The New Gibson 15BB Tumble Blast System


Gibson 15 cubic ft. Tumble Blast System

Standard Features:
• (1) 30 HP C-face Direct Drive 15” Blast Wheel Assembly
• Manganese Roof, Barrelhead Liners, Cabinet Liners, & Door Liner
• Cross Rigid Mill Belt
• Mill drive motor amp spike sensor (for the mill belt jam protection)
• Abrasive Low-Level Sensor
• Dual Pneumatic Powered Vertical Door
• Multiple Cord Construction Elevator Belt with Cast Buckets
• Single Lip Separator
• Color Touch Screen Operation

Tumble Blast Systems

Gibson Tumble Blast systems utilize a continuous rubber belt with tumbling ridges that gently tumble the batch of parts to mix and expose them to the blast for consistent blast coverage of the entire batch.

Gibson offers many standard size tumble blast options.

The tumble blast systems can be operated manually, semi-automated, or even fully automated due to the integration of loading/unloading hoists and conveyors.
• Can run large batches of smaller parts all together.
• No manual flipping or rotating
• Blasting on all sides if parts tumble properly.
Batches of parts that can tumble on top of each other without causing damage to the parts.

Batches of parts that can tumble on top of each other without causing damage to the parts.
Typical Application Examples:

• 3D Printed Parts
• Automotive – OEM
• Automotive – Reman
• Aerospace
• Die Casting
• Defense
• Construction
• Fossil Fuel
• Foundry
• Medical Applications
• Mining
• Plastics
• Surface Prep
• Shot Peening
• Transportation

3D Printed Parts: Before & After

Automotive Reman Parts: Before & After

Shot Peening System


Fabricated Parts: Before & After

Tumble blast machines range in various sizes from as small as our 1.5 cubic feet capacity up to a hefty 24 cubic feet capacity.

• 1.5BB
• 3BB
• 6BB
• 12BB
• 15BB
• 24BB

Properly sizing your tumble blast system is key to your success. The natural inclination is to oversize the system, but in some cases, bigger is not always better! The volume of your typical container or batch should be utilized when sizing your tumble blast system. Utilizing a tumble blast system closest to your typical batch size will maximize equipment efficiency and life. Correct sizing helps maintain the proper level for optimum mix and exposure to the blast by consistently maintaining the correct distance from the blast wheel while always keeping the workpieces within the blast pattern. The parts also mix better for less potential part to part damage. The machine itself is also shielded from the blast pattern if the parts being blasted are at the proper level in a properly sized machine.

The optimal shot-blast equipment solution starts with a discussion about your surface preparation requirements and a proposed processing method. As an original equipment manufacturer, Gibson forges strong relationships with many premier companies. We offer short lead-times, unbiased processing recommendations, and experienced staff to assist in every phase from design to installation.
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