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Gibson Abrasive Equipment Newsletter – June 2020

GIBSON 84XT STANDARD TABLE BLAST SYSTEM A wealth of knowledge and experience in sales, service and manufacturing has contributed to the steady success of our company. Our product line is continually expanding to meet the needs and challenges of the marketplace. The quality of our equipment, coupled with competitive pricing, has captured the attention of […]

Blast Cleaning Equipment – Standard, Modified and Automation

Gibson Abrasive Equipment has evolved into the premier turnkey abrasive systems engineering & manufacturing services company. We now categorize all customer inquiries into three types so we can best service their needs and help them to work more efficiently. Our premier blasting equipment is available in three main categories: Standard Modified Automation Each category is […]

MEDIA RECLAMATION: Tips and Descriptions to Improve Production

In this Gibson newsletter we are going to go over some basic reclamation descriptions, components and tips. Most operators have a basic concept of what media reclamation is about, but a little more knowledge may improve safety, increase production, or extend machine life. Media Reclamation is necessary for many reasons including clean ambient air, clean […]

Choosing The Right Wheel Equipment Begins With Asking the Right Questions

Here are some questions to ask in order to determine what type of Gibson equipment that you need. What needs to be done to the part surface? Does it require shot peening, cleaning, deburring, deflashing, or just surface preparation? Brief definitions: Peening – To stress relieve or harden the surface of a part. Cleaning – […]

Top 10 Blast Equipment Troubleshooting Tips with Solutions

#1 – Why is my cycle time longer than when it was new? Answers: It’s out of abrasive. The impeller is really worn, needs replaced. The blades really worn, needs replaced. The control cage opening is enlarged and is causing blast pattern changes, needs replaced. You changed the blast wheel motor and the rotation is […]